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ThetaBlocks is a Minecraft-based creative server and community aimed at providing all who join an enjoyable experience in an environment that is not only relaxing and laid-back, but exciting and adventurous at the same time! Many of the members of the ThetaBlocks community have extensive knowledge of experience with building, terraforming, and organics. We welcome everyone with open arms, and look forward to seeing you online!

Members of the ThetaBlocks community have many interests, and we are always willing to welcome new people whatever their interests may be!

A few of the things that the ThetaBlocks community does are:

  • Building and creating projects within minecraft on the ThetaBlocks Minecraft Server
  • Creating and playing music with various instruments such as the Ukulele
  • Playing tabletop RPGs such as Pathfinder and DND
  • Partake in only the dankest of memes
Back Story

The ThetaBlocks Minecraft Servers main world is set on the planet Xavon in Sector 4. The Interstellar Research Vessel Theta and its crew were dispatched to the planet to investigate strange and unusual gravitational anomalies originating from the planet’s surface. It has been discovered that Xavon has started to maintain a perfect circular orbit around the event horizon of a black hole that has begun absorbing its nearest star. The reason for this perfect orbit and why it continues to be maintained is unknown. It has also been discovered via long range stellar telemetry that several rifts in space time have been torn open on the planet’s surface. As an IRV Theta crewmember, it is your job to uncover and research the source of these anomalies. Upon attempting to achieve orbit around the planet Xavon, the IRV Theta began to be pulled into the planet’s atmosphere, giving yourself and the crew only mere minutes to abandon the ship via the escape pods. What will you find on the surface of this strange and unusual world? What mysteries will you discover? And will you ever find the source of the rifts in space time? Only joining the server will allow you to begin to uncover the secrets of the planet Xavon.

OSTheta Command Terminal

ThetaResearchGroup OSTheta [Version 24.1.14393]

(c) 2781 TRG. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Admin> sytemmodule transmissionhandler display:firstandlast sendid:”49.52.56″
‘sytemmodule’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or script file.

C:\Users\Admin> systemmodule transmissionhandler display:firstandlast sendid:”49.52.56″



Captains Log 0001 – L. Post:

This is captain L. Post of Interstellar Research Vessel Theta. We have begun our voyage to Xavon located in Sector 4, a world found by the Like Home organization. We have been dispatched to investigate some strange and unusual gravitational signals coming from the planet. We have a feeling that these signals are linked the systems sun being consumed by a super massive black hole.



Captains Log 0174 – L. Post:

We are approaching Xavon and were able to run some tests using our on board instruments. We have been detecting random space time anomalies scattered on and around the planet. Once we establish a stationary orbit we will be deploying discovery rovers to explore the planet surface.



The XavonPack


Version: 20180323A

The official Resource Pack of the ThetaBlocks server and Xavon world.

All builds on ThetaBlocks, disregarding region-specific packs or unless stated otherwise, have been built and should be viewed with this pack.